Wil Reed

Wil Reed has been teaching and dancing Lindy Hop throughout Connecticut since 1998. He has taught for Shoreline Swing, Connecticut Swing Dance Society (CSDS), and other groups in CT. He has also taught at The Call and Providence Swings in Rhode Island. Wil is a teacher by trade giving him a different approach to teaching dance. and an ability to teach new concepts in a clear and concise manner.When not teaching or dancing, he is the one bringing people to the dance floor as a DJ. Wil has been collecting music since the 8-track craze. As a result, his Swing CD collection, though large, is but a small portion of his music library. Locally, he has DJed for Shoreline Swing (of which he also served as President), as well as for CSDS, Vinnie's Jump & Jive, and other local venues. He has also DJed as a guest at Summer Hummer,Hoss and for many yearsat Beantown Dance Camp in Massachusetts, The Call and Providence Swings in Rhode Island, as well as the Albany, Maine, Mystic Blues, and CT Exchanges (CTLX). And for the last two years has been the DJat Swing Waterfire in Providence.

Visit Wil's Website at: http://www.ctlindyhopswing.net

or email him at ctlindyhopswing@gmail.com