Director Profiles

Rosemary Gentile - President, joined the board in 2015. The joy of dance, music, and art are her heart and soul. She learned to jitterbug when she was 9 years old from her older sister and cousins. Since then she has loved to dance in many forms such as modern, jazz, belly, flamenco, Argentine tango, East and West Coast swing, and recently ballroom. Since she loves dancing to live music, she is dedicated to keeping shoreline swing alive and well for all to enjoy.

 Anna Anderson, Treasurer, joined the board of Shoreline Swing June of 2014. She started dancing in 1999. Among her favorite artists are Josh Groban, the Pine Leaf Boys, Elvis Presley and Enya. Anna enjoys East Coast & West Coast Swing, Blues, Ballroom dancing and most recently Argentine Tango. Live music in all its forms is one of her passions. When she is not on the dance floor she enjoys festivals, museums, travel and Art. When she is not on the dance floor she is probably attending a festival or doing something crafty.

Johnathan R - Web Designer/Maintenance - I love music and started dancing about  twenty years ago. One of the best things I have ever done. It is a social, mental, and physical activity. Like the variety of music and challenges of different dances. I do swing, ballroom, and Zydeco dances.

Patti Gainsley - Vice President/Music Planner, has been involved with and on the board of Shoreline Swing for over 20 years. and started dancing at that same time. Some of her favorite artists are Elvis Presly, Budd, Ella Johnson, Santana- "Cold Shot" and music from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's & 60's. Along with East Coast swing, West Coast swing she also enjoys Ballroom dancing. When not on the dance floor she enjoys kayaking and skiing.

 Debra Dickson - Secretary

Other Board Members