Nelle Cherry

Nelle has been a dancer her entire life with professional training in ballet, tap and jazz. But it wasn’t until she was introduced to social dancing, particularly balboa, in the spring of ’06 that dancing truly became a passion. Since ’06 she’s trained under the most notable teachers from around the world. Competitively she has won, placed and made finals in competitions around the world in both strictlys and jack and jills, helping keep the classic aesthetics of the dance alive. Teaching allows her to share this passion and experience with other likeminded dancers, as she strives to continually be inspired and inspire others through social and competitive dancing and traveling.

Nelle dancing with Adam Speen at the 2011 International Lindy Hop Championships- Strictly Balboa

Nelle has competed and won competitions in balboa around the world since beginning to compete with her regular partner, Adam Speen, in 2006. Some of these competitions include:

1st Place: ILHC Strictly Balboa 2011

2nd place in the Euro Bal Cup at Frenchie Bal Fest

5th at All Balboa Weekend 2010

Finalists for the International Balboa Cup at Balboa Rendezvous ’10

2nd place Open Balboa Comp at EBC ’10

1st place- Balboa Jack and Jill ILHC 2009

Finalist – Pro Balboa at All Balboa Weekend 2009

1st Place – Strictly Balboa at Rocky Mountain Balboa 2009

1st Place – Strictly Balboa at the Int’l Lindy Hop Championships 2008

3rd Place – Eastern Balboa Championships- 2008

6th Place – Pro Balboa at Balboa Rendezvous 2008

1st Place- Amateur ACBC All Balboa Weekend 2007

Nelle dancing with Adam Speen at Blues Cafe- Boston October 2010