Jessica Blackledge

Jessie has always loved dancing from taking ballet lessons to performing in talent shows, musical theater and jazz choir productions. But she found a very special love of dance when she finally found someone to teach her swing back in 2001. Jessie was a dancing fiend at least three nights a week for about 4 months. After a 'short' sabbatical to experience the “True Alaska Experience,” she came back to swing dancing in 2008. Since then she has very much enjoyed dancing and performing in the swing genre including East Coast, Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa. Jessie especially enjoys dancing Blues and Balboa and can likely be found most weekends (and sometimes even during the week) on a dance floor in front of a live band somewhere between CT and MA.

When not on the dance floor Jessie assists landowners, farmers and municipalities conserve their natural resources through her work with the Eastern RI Conservation District. Jessie also loves to read, sing, write poetry, build things, go on ‘walkabouts’ and road trips, hang with friends and family and cuddle with her cats.