Dorothy Beebe

Dorothy Beebe is currently a dance assistant for instructor Angelique Early and also teaches with instructor, Tony Hurtado at West Coast Jamn in East Hartford, CT. She has been dancing West Coast Swing since 2007. She started dancing in East Hartford, CT at the WestCoastGroove dance classes taught by, advanced dancer and competitor in the U.S. Open Showcase Division, Jim Guglielmo. Dorothy went on to take lessons from U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, Bill Cameron. Dorothy is currently working with U.S. Open Jack & Jill All Star Champion Jennifer Lyons in Rhode Island at Twirl the Girl on Wednesday nights. In 2010, she danced on a formation team choreographed by Jennifer Lyons and Cori Vingi. Other Pro dancers Dorothy has worked with are: Tatiana Mollmann, Tessa Cunningham, Melissa Rutz, Arjay Centeno, Parker Dearborn and Blake Hobby.