Daryl Begin & Jennifer Stout

Daryl Begin

Daryl has spent a considerable amount of time studying the classic footwork and movements of the original Lindy Hoppers and as a result, has an in depth and personalized understanding of the dance. Mostly self taught, Daryl has the ability to demonstrate complex concepts and loves incorporating the history of the Jazz era dances into his teaching. He also loves to compete and sees it as an opportunity to continuously improve. In addition to choreographing quality performances for Providence Swings since 2006, he created the performance group The DownCity Strutters in 2009 to further his own dancing and commiserate with fellow obsessed Lindy Hoppers.

Jennifer Stout

Jennifer, who can't keep still whenever music is playing, likes to let movement flow organically, as dictated by the feel of the music and loves any chance to be spontaneous and silly. She has a solid understanding of how to move the body and strives to articulate those ideas to her students. Most of all, she's big on having fun with it, which is usually quite evident when she hits the dance floor. In addition to being an active competitor and teacher, she's also a tireless organizer, choreographer and performer, having contributed her talents to Providence Swings since its inception and challenging herself in The DownCity Strutters performance group.

Nifty Notables:

1st- 2010 Underground Lindy Focus Championships

3rd- 2010 Lindy Focus Strictly Lindy Hop

2nd- 2010 Swingin' New England Strictly Lindy Hop

2nd- 2010 International Lindy Hop Championships Strictly Lindy Hop

1st- 2010 Northeast Lindy Hop Championship- Strictly Lindy Hop

1st- 2010 Northeast Lindy Hop Championship- Solo Charleston (Jennifer)

1st- 2010 Northeast Lindy Hop Championship- Advanced Jack & Jill (Jennifer w/ Shawn Hershey)

1st- 2010 Stompology Solo Jazz Competition (Jennifer)

3rd- 2009 Harvest Moon Strictly Lindy Hop (Killer Diller Weekend, Seattle WA)

3rd- 2009 New Years Dancin' Eve Strictly Lindy Hop