Director Profiles

 Liz Ziobron-Mancini, President, joined the board of Shoreline Swing earlier this year. She has always enjoyed dancing and recently found a love for swing and other forms of ballroom dance including hustle, salsa, tango, cha-cha and more!!  In addition to live swing bands, she enjoys listening to country music and artists such as Jason Aldean, The Band Perry, Maddie & Tae, the Zac Brown Band and Luke Bryan as well as artists such as Adele, Bruno Mars, Duffy and Jewel. If there's music playing she's probably dancing.  When not on the dance floor she can be found baking, singing karaoke or with one or more of her four children.
               Pam Fuller-Flanagan, Vice President, joined the board of Shoreline Swing in May of this year. She was introduced to West Coast Swing, Hustle and Latin dances in                  1997       
             enjoying dance for just one year. Taking a 16 year hiatus, she started back to dance in June, 2014. Pam most enjoys East and West Coast Swing, Latin dances and is interested in
              becoming more acquainted with tango. She loves listening to all forms of latin music as well as contemporary rock music and loves live swing band music. Her favorite artists are
              Marc Anthony, Pentatonix, Michael Buble, Santana and Caro Emerald. When not on the dance floor, she is either working out at the gym, with her family or dancing down the aisles
              of your favorite shopping spots!

 Anna Anderson, Treasurer, joined the board of Shoreline Swing June of 2014. She started dancing in 1999. Among her favorite artists are Josh Groban, the Pine Leaf Boys, Elvis Presley and Enya. Anna enjoys East Coast & West Coast Swing, Blues, Ballroom dancing and most recently Argentine Tango. Live music in all its forms is one of her passions. When she is not on the dance floor she enjoys festivals, museums, travel and Art. When she is not on the dance floor she is probably attending a festival or doing something crafty.

Patti Willis joined the board of Shoreline Swing June of 2014.  She started dancing in 2008. One of her favorite bands is Eight to the Bar. Patti enjoys East Coast Swing, Country Line dancing and Ballroom dancing. When she is not on the dance floor she can be found, cycling, hiking, boating or chilling with family.

Patti Gainsley has been involved with and on the board of Shoreline Swing for over 20 years. and started dancing at that same time.  Some of her favorite artists are Elvis Presly, Budd, Ella Johnson, Santana- "Cold Shot" and music from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's & 60's.  Along with East Coast swing, West Coast swing she also enjoys Ballroom dancing. When not on the dance floor she enjoys kayaking and skiing.

Carol Ambrosch joined the  board of Shoreline Swing June of 2013 . She started dancing January of 2006. A few of her favorite artists are Michael Buble' and Rod Stewart - the American Song Book era. Carol enjoys East Coast Swing, Cha Cha, and Rhumba .  When not on the dance floor she is taking care of and enjoying her garden.

Barbara Pantalone has been on the board of Shoreline Swing since 2013. she had been dancing on and off since 2000. Some of her favorite songs are "What a Wonderful World" and "Everything" . She also enjoy Blues music. When not on the dance floor she may be gardening, hiking, drawing or traveling.

Ken Bradford joined the board of Shoreline Swing June of 2014. He started dancing in 1995. A few of his favorite songs/ artists are boot, Scoot & Boogie bu Brooks and Dunn and "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller. Ken also enjoys Two stepping and Country dancing. When not on the dance floor he can be found camping, hiking and biking.

Dave Hale joined the board of Shoreline Swing in 2010 He started dancing in 2007. His favorite band is the Allman Brothers. He enjoys East Coast swing, Rhumba and Cha Cha. When not on the dance floor he can often be found fishing, gardening, and being the best grandfather ever.

Donna Gustavsen joined the board of Shoreline Swing In June 2014.